1. past tense, past participle - ground; verb
1) (to crush into powder or small pieces: This machine grinds coffee.)
2) (to rub together, usually producing an unpleasant noise: He grinds his teeth.)
3) (to rub into or against something else: He ground his heel into the earth.)
2. noun
(boring hard work: Learning vocabulary is a bit of a grind.) mučno delo
- grinding
- grindstone
- grind down
- grind up
- keep someone's nose to the grindstone
- keep one's nose to the grindstone
* * *
I [graind]
transitive verb
(z)mleti, (z)drobiti; brusiti, stružiti, gladiti; vrteti pogonsko ročico; American jeziti; (into s.o.) vbijati komu v glavo; figuratively zatirati, mučiti; škrtati (z zobmi); (into) vtisniti; (on, against ob) drgniti, treti;
intransitive verb
mleti, dati se zmleti; igrati na lajno; figuratively (away) mučiti se; (at) naporno delati; guliti se
to grind the face of s.o. — surovo s kom ravnati
to have an axe to grind — imeti osebne skrite namene
to grind the faces of the poor — izkoriščati reveže
to grind s.o. in grammar — vbijati komu slovnico v glavo
to grind the teeth — škrtati z zobmi
to grind to powder — zdrobiti v prah
to grind roughly — razsekati
II [graind]
mletje; brušenje; naporno delo, garanje; naporna hoja; American slang guljenje; gulež
to keep one's nose to the grind — garati brez prestanka

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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